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Beth is a Creative & Media Writing graduate from the University of Portsmouth and owner of the most adorable Sphynx cat. Beth enjoys squirting copious amounts of ketchup onto food it doesn't belong on and has an acute knowledge of everything penguin related.

Thailand Plastic Bag Ban Means Shoppers Have Been Getting Inventive

Thailand’s new plastic bag ban means shoppers have to come up with new inventive ways to carry their shopping home – and the internet is loving it.  Roughly 300 million tonnes of single-use plastic is produced each year and only…

Animal Abusers To Be Registered Like Sex Offenders

The United States is implementing a new legislation and taking further important steps to ensure pets are protected against animal abusers. According to the 2019-2020 National pet owners survey, around 85 million families in the US own a pet, which…

Lebanese Coffee Shop Primarily Hires Staff With Special Needs

A coffee shop in Lebanon called Agonist mainly hires staff with special needs and “confronts stereotypes and provides opportunities” for those with difficulties. If we are to continually progress and grow both individually and as a society, equal rights are…

Why The Deluded Brendan Twitter Account Is Basking In Leicester’s Glory

Leicester City are storming the Premier League table and parody twitter account Deluded Brendan is scoring a top spot right up there with them. Although the premise that Brendan Rodgers is “deluded” is disappearing quicker than Man City’s hopes of…

Galaxy Has Released THREE New Vegan Chocolate Bars!

Vegans rejoice as Galaxy finally release a vegan range of their much loved chocolate.

Vegan Steak Bake Soon To Hit Greggs Stores

The largest bakery chain in the UK has announced its newest addition to the Greggs vegan family…the vegan steak bake.

Touching Your Phone Whilst Driving Will Land You A £200 Fine!

Thinking of reaching for your phone whilst driving? You’ll regret it if you do as you can now face a hefty fine of £200 if you are caught with your phone in your hand if you’re in the driver’s seat.

Newlyweds Scrap Traditional Wedding Buffet And Order £350 Worth Of Domino’s Pizza

A bride and groom from Cornwall decided to scrap having a traditional wedding buffet and treated their guests to a huge domino’s delivery instead.


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