Fans favourite Coronation Street couple set to leave the soap..

If you’re a fan of Corrie, then you might want to get ready to say your goodbyes to one of the show’s most popular couples over the next few weeks, as Johnny and Jenny Conner look to be moving to…

Couple with 33-year age gap who bonded over love of Halloween trolled for being ‘disgusting’

25-year-old Amanda Harper has been called a gold digger, disgusting and other terrible things because of the 33-year age gap between her and her boyfriend Jay Horsky, but she’s not going to let that bother her! A couple with an…

Sainsbury’s toy sales see parents fighting in Chelmsford for half price bargains

War were declared, to quote The Simpsons, in a Chelmsford branch of Sainsbury’s today when cut-price bargains on toys led to parents literally brawling in the aisles. Now THAT is commitment to parenting. Feral shoppers have been pictured filling up…


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