1 In 10 People Admit That They Masturbate Whilst Having A Poo

A recent survey has discovered that 1 in 10 people have admitted that they masturbate whilst having a poo, which apparently fulfils some people’s rather peculiar kicks. 

In a recently conducted survey that was based on 1,000 Brits and Americans, QS Supplies discovered what people get up to whilst in the bathroom whilst defaecating – and the results were… interesting (and gross).

Credit: QS Supplies

As it’s the modern-day age, it’s not surprising that the survey uncovered that many of us now take our mobile phones to the toilet with. Despite it being incredibly unhygienic, it’s just common in our society.

67% admitted to texting, nearly 65.7% said they listened to music, 65.4% played games on their mobile whilst 52.7% replied to emails.

Amazingly and perhaps a little worryingly, 23% of respondents in the survey acknowledged that they couldn’t defecate if they didn’t have their mobiles on them.

Some even admitted that for them, this part of the day was a special time, a spot of retail therapy (21.6%). On average, it was worked out that the typical person who does do retail shopping whilst on the toilet spends a whopping £49! Who’d have thought it would make you that relaxed, you forget all your financial woes.

Of course, many people admitted to using social media during toilet time. Facebook topped the list at 44.9%, followed by Instagram at 35.1%, then YouTube at 31.7% and Twitter at 25.2%.

And the worst stat of all is that 11% of people admitted that they enjoy having a good old w*nk during a spot of defecating.

Of all the places to get up to this intimate act, on the toilet seems hardly the place. And this doesn’t even answer all the questions… Is it pre-poo, mid-poo or post-poo? And really, do we even want to know?

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