14-Year-Old Autistic Boy Killed By His ‘Bully’ Brother Who Stomped On His Head

A 14-year-old boy with autism has been killed by his own brother, 33, who viciously stomped on his head whilst their mum watched on. 

David Matheny, 33, has been accused of killing his own brother, Sayeed Neilson, by stomping on the youngster’s head, it has been alleged.

At their home in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday, their mum Rebecca Greenwood watched as her one of her son’s murdered her other.

Initially, the pair told the police that the 14-year-old boy had slipped in the bath the previous day. They said he bumped his head “real hard” and that she continued to check up on him throughout the day. At one point, they went to a bar for drinks and then discovered that he was unconscious.

However, when undergoing police questioning, Greenwood allegedly decided to change her story and revealed that Matheny had punched Sayeed and “stomped on his head” during an argument.

The mum claims she told her older son to stop what he was doing but walked away before the altercation had finished.

Credit: Nashville Metro Jail

Sayeed’s aunt, Rachel Duncan, informed WKRG that Matheny is a “narcissist bully” and she’s been left devastated following her nephew’s tragic death.

She said: “[Sayeed] didn’t deserve any of this. He’s supposed to go on his first date and have his first kiss. He never got any of that and it’s not fair.”

This year, Sayeed had started high school and he was thoroughly excited about Halloween.

Duncan continued: “I just want to know why? Why didn’t you protect him? Why didn’t you call someone?

“That’s your baby. You should always protect your child. I know it’s both her kids, but Sayeed was a baby, only 14 compared to his older brother who is 33.”

Duncan said that she has since learnt that Sayeed’s mum – who had lived with Greenwood and Matheny – had also been subjected to abuse by her son’s alleged killer.

Currently, Matheny and Greenwood are at the Nashville Metro Jail on homicide charges. They are being held there without bond.

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