15-Year-Old Boy Has Suffered Stroke From Playing Video Games Non-Stop For A Month

A 15-year-old Chinese boy has suffered from a stroke after it was reported that he would play video games almost non-stop for a whole month, whilst only having two hours sleep a night. 

In March, a 15-year-old boy from the city of Nanning in China suffered a stroke which left his left arm paralysed. It turned out he had been playing video games non-stop for a whole month and surviving on only two hours sleep a night.

Like many other boys his age, the boy who has only been identified as Xiaobin, always enjoyed playing video games on his console. Yet his hobby escalated into an addiction throughout China’s COVID-19 lockdown as he was required to stay inside, which resulted in him staying in his bedroom throughout the day and night.

After convincing his parents he was taking online educational classes so he wouldn’t get behind with schoolwork, the boy spent his days and the majority of the night playing video games.

Credit: Nanning Television

His mother told local media: “He shut the windows and locked the door. We had no idea what he was doing in there.

“I saw his online conversation with friends. He said he wasn’t well-rested and was sleeping for at most two hours a day.”

After collapsing whilst at home, Xiaobin was rushed to the Jiangbin Hospital where it was discovered that the young boy had suffered from a stroke after a CT scan.

Experts established that the teenager been left paralysed in his left arm and hand. The unusual stroke was caused by his constant use of video games and lack of sleep, according to the medics.

Dr Li, a brain specialist, told reporters that the condition was incredibly unusual at such a young age and the past month of such an extreme, unhealthy lifestyle had caused a dramatic impact on his body.

He said: “The main reason is that he had irregular sleeping and eating patterns because he wasn’t at school. The parents also tolerated his behaviours too much.

“A lack of nutrition and rest had led to a reduced amount of blood and oxygen in his brain and caused a cerebral stroke.”

Since being admitted to the hospital in March, Xiaobin has been undergoing rehabilitation treatment. Doctors are unsure of whether or not the boy will make a full recovery or even regain sensation in his left arm and hand.

In China, video game addiction has become a major societal problem, especially among young people. It has been found that young people are avoiding studies, social lives and family time in order to play online games. This has resorted in many parents sending their kids to ‘digital detox’ rehab, which has been dubbed the last resort in curbing the dangerous addiction to the digital world.

In the nation, internet addiction has been classed as a clinical disorder.

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