19-Year-Old Says Parents Read All Her Emails, Control Bank Account And Track Her Whereabouts

A 19-year-old has gone viral after taking to TikTok to talk about her strict parents who track her movement, read through her emails and even control her bank account. 

A 19-year-old woman claims that she is heavily “controlled” by her parents despite her age and that they are pretty much involved in every aspect of her life.

The revelation came after the American student responded to a TikTok user who said: “Tell me you have strict parents without telling me you have strict parents.”

The student, who is from Minnesota, claims that her parents make her use an app called Life 360, it’s a family safety service which allows family members to track each other’s whereabouts.

But by doing this, it means her parents know where she is at every minute of the day and it even helps them to find out who she’s with.

The 19-year-old also revealed that she can’t use tech in her room past 9 pm – this includes her laptop and phone – and she has to hand everything over to her parents.

Allegedly, her dad even controls her bank account and refuses to give her access. Often, he reads through the messages and emails on her phone too.

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The college freshman said: “I’m not allowed to have my phone or my laptop up in my room past 9 o’clock. They have to be downstairs unless I’m doing homework.”

She continued by adding that she’s not meant to have any social media accounts. When she wanted to find a college roommate, her dad made sure he had complete control over her Facebook account and insisted she not make any posts or engage with the social media platform.

She added: “I can hardly hang out with people, especially if it’s like new people that they’ve never met before. Making friends and hanging out with them is hard.”

According to the woman, her dad dictates her fashion choices while her mum refuses to let her any buy any “fancy lingerie” or anything like that.

Speaking of her dad, she said: “He controls everything in my life, like my bank account, which I do not have access to and he can get all emails that I get sent to him.”

After sharing the clip, many questioned how she managed to have a TikTok account in the first place, as she had stated she had no social media accounts.

Yet the following day, she explained that she was able to post the video onto TikTok as she has managed to keep her account a secret.

She said when she’s not at home during the day she will access it and before heading back makes sure all her apps are deleted.

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