22-Year-Old Has Spent £38k On Plastic Surgery And Now Has 36K Boobs

A young woman has admitted to spending over £38,000 on plastic surgery within the space of two years as she wants the ultimate ‘Bimbo’ look. 

Amber May, from the Midlands, began having facial fillers at the age of 18 as she felt unhappy with how she looked. Now 22-years-old, she has admitted that she’s become addicted to having plastic surgery procedures. Despite this, she still has plans to have further cosmetic work done.

The adult TV presenter, dancer and model said that she now gets compared to a Barbie doll after having had plastic surgery inspired by girls she’d seen on Instagram.

When she was 19, Amber May decided to take the plunge and boost up her natural breast size as she didn’t feel they were big enough. She was then taken to a 34f after being a 34c, as this is the largest the plastic surgeon would let her go.

The influencer, who has over 120,000 Instagram followers, decided that she still wasn’t happy with how large her breasts were. Knowing that surgeons in the UK wouldn’t give her the dream cleavage she had always wanted, she flew over to Belgium and booked in with a surgeon who was willing to do the large and faker looking implants. She was left delighted with the results, as she now needed a 36k bra.

Determined to become the ultimate ‘Bimbo’, Amber May had saved up for plastic surgery by working five nights a week at a nightclub.

So far, the webcam model has invested £11,000 on boob jobs, £15,000 on butt implants, £8,000 on a nose job and thousands on lip, cheek, chin and jaw fillers. She also has regular Botox injections.

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Since having had all these procedures, Amber May has noticed a difference in her life. She has found that she’s become much more popular on social media and she now has multiple incomes. As well as working on television, she has an OnlyFans account and does webcam modelling. She has realised that from having an extreme look, she has made more money than ever – so has to keep it that way.

Having been single for around three years, Amber May is determined to focus on her career rather than a relationship. She had admitted that she does get plenty of male attention but that she actually struggles to keep up with it.

Following her dramatic transformation, the model has become more confident when posting on social media. Yet Amber May has admitted that her family have had reservations about the decisions she has made with her life. At one point, they told her they thought she must be suffering from body dysmorphia, yet they have now given up persuading her to stop with the plastic surgery.

Regardless of the uncertainty she has received from some, Amber May has never felt so comfortable being herself and no matter what, always feels sexy.

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