4th July Celebrations ‘Boycotted By Americans’

4th July Boycott: Americans across the country are 'boycotting the 4th July celebrations'.
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Americans across the country are ‘boycotting the 4th July celebrations’ in light of last week’s controversial Roe v Wade decision.

Traditionally, the national holiday is used as an opportunity to acknowledge independence and freedom.

However, after the Supreme Court decided to overturn the right for women to have abortions in 26 different states, many believe that there is nothing to celebrate.

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On Twitter, one user wrote: “I won’t be celebrating [July 4] this year as I have no independence in this country.”

Another tweeted: “Boycott the 4th of July. There is nothing to celebrate. Sorry, but it’s true. #JustStayHome.”

The decision, which was announced on June 24, caused outrage across America and sparked a string of protests and petitions.

Celebrities including Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Kendrick Lamar all made powerful statements in support of women’s rights during their Glastonbury sets, while former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, spoke openly about their disappointment at the Supreme Court’s decision through social media.

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Many organisations, such as Sisters of The Valley, have spoken up in support of the boycotts along with teachers, charities, and support groups.

However, there have been individuals who do not agree with the boycott.

One penned: “People that boycott 4th of July are very ungrateful for their country.”

Another added: “Don’t take your rights and liberty for granted; it was earned by hard work and countless sacrifices.”

Others stated how they wanted to boycott, but decided to celebrate ‘what this country can one day be’ instead.

One wrote: “Part of me wanted to boycott the 4th of July this year, seeing how much independence we have lost lately… but I don’t want to let them have all that, and the 4th of July. Today I don’t celebrate what this country is, but what I can one day be.”

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