House Where Chris Watts Murdered His Pregnant Wife And Daughters Has Not Been Sold In Two Years

The house in which Chris Watts notoriously murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters aged four and three is still available to buy, yet the house’s sinister history has deterred many potential buyers away. 

In 2018, the man who appeared to have it all did the unthinkable and murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two daughters, Belle, 4, and Celeste, 3, at their picturesque home in Frederick, Colorado.

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On August 18 of 2018, Watts strangled his pregnant wife in their 4,177-square-foot home. With a plan to get rid of her body, he drove to the site of an oil company where he worked, with his two daughters also in the car. Recently, letters have been exchanged between the murderous father and an author, in which he said he believed he had killed his little girls before Shanann. However, they had somehow woken up from being suffocated and walked in just moments after he had killed their mother. Whilst at the site of the oil company, he once again suffocated his daughters – with the eldest pleading for her life.

When the evidence was against him being innocent, Watts pleaded guilty to the murders and received a life sentence in prison.

Authorities said that Watts had committed the murders because he had met someone else. Behind Shanann’s back, he had begun an affair with a co-worker – who believed he was already separated from his wife.

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Just days before the disturbing killings, Shanann had reached out to a close friend and shared her growing concerns about her marriage. However, she didn’t think for one moment that her’s and her daughters’ lives were at risk.

For the past two years, the home where the murders took place has been vacant. According to People, public records show that the eight-bedroom house is now up for sale at $645,000 – the Watts purchased the house in 2013 for $399,954.

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Following the murders, Chris Watts automatically went in default of the mortgage and the lender then foreclosed the property. Even though the house then went up for auction, no bids were made and the lender then kept it up for sale for an entire year – yet no one is interested in buying the home with such a tragic past behind it – and technically, it still belongs to Watts.


However, Watts has debts of his own. Last year, he made an agreement with Shanann’s family to pay $6 million in order to settle the wrongful death suit. Therefore his largest asset, the house, will eventually be in the possession of his former in-laws.

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