32-Year-Old Man Constantly Gets Mistaken For A Teenage Boy Due To Youthful Appearance

A 32-year-old man from Russia has found that he’s constantly mistaken for a teenage boy due to his youthful appearance. Even though his birth certificate states that he was born in 1987, many find it difficult to believe.  

Denis Vashurin has become a topic of discussion in Russia following an interview with YouTube personality “Vasya na sene”, as many couldn’t believe that he’s 32-years-old.

Denis, who lives in a small village in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, has said that it’s understandable why he’s often mistaken to be so much younger and revealed in the social media discussion that people often look at him with disbelief when he corrects them on his actual age.

However, the 32-year-old lives a relatively normal life and enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his girlfriend.

In the interview with Vasya, Denis explained that a difference was noticed in him even when he was a child. His parents noted that he was a lot smaller than others in his age group. Fortunately, it didn’t really bother him and he was never made to feel the odd one out by his peers. He could do everything that everybody else could do, so there wasn’t any need to make him feel inferior.

As he grew up, the difference between Denis and his friends became much more noticeable and when he became a teenager, it appeared as though he’d stopped ageing. From his high school graduation photo, he looked like a child next to all his friends.

He said: “When I realized that I would no longer change physically, at first I felt somewhat uneasy.

“I thought about how everything would be, how my life would go on, whether it would be hard for me.”

Despite the fact he’s aged very little, Denis says that it hasn’t affected his life as much as you’d think. Although he often has to prove his real age, he lives a normal life.

On one occasion, he recalled how he was stopped by the traffic police when driving. They suspected him of forging his driver’s license and even when he explained, they laughed and joked about his appearance – which he noted was inappropriate.

Rhetorically, he asked: “Why do I have to explain something to someone every time?”


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Often, Denis is asked by people if he feels as young as he looks and in answer to that, he explained how his body still ages at the same rate as other people his age. Based on his personality, his friends and girlfriend even call him “grandpa”.

With a laugh, he explained: “I’m a bore, I’m stubborn, I’m lethargic, like a bear during hibernation.”

For four years, Denis has been in a relationship with his girlfriend and says that as he’d known her for such a long time already, there was no need for him to prove his age to her.

In the interview, the 32-year-old said that although his age may be a shock to people at first, he wished that people wouldn’t judge him on his appearance alone.

He said: “You cannot live my life.

“You do not know how you would live in my body, in my situation, what kind of person you would become. Therefore, do not judge.”

Although Denis never acknowledged whether or not he had visited a doctor to see if his lack of ageing was based on a medical condition, the case has been compared to that of Tomasz Nadolski, a 27-year-old man stuck in the body of a child.

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