B&M Shopper Shocked After Discovering ‘Cute’ Reindeer Christmas Decoration Has Realistic Genitals

A B&M shopper was left shocked when she realised that the adorable white reindeer statue she had spotted in the store was extremely detailed, with it featuring realistic genitals. 

While shopping at the low budget supermarket, a shopper was left surprised when she discovered that there was a rather inappropriate reindeer ornament in the Christmas section.

The woman said that she had been looking for festive decorations when she spotted the cute white reindeer statue.

Imagining how adorable it would look in her home, she decided to take a closer look before putting it into her basket.

Credit: B&M

However, when she turned the ornament from side to side searching for the price tag, she realised that the deer was… well-endowed to put it lightly.

To complete the white reindeer ornament, it was finished off with a rather accurate set of male genitals.

The shopper decided to share her finding to the Facebook page B&M Store Bargains and More, where she wrote: “So I was just in B&M and saw this stag. Thought it was pretty cute.

“I go to find the barcode as it wasn’t round its neck where it usually is so thought it may be a stuck on somewhere…

“I turn it over & see that.”

Facebook: B&M Store Bargains and More

Many social media users thought the post was amusing as the odd amount of detailing on the reindeer ornament was so surprising.

One person commented: “Well at least we know it’s definitely a stag.”

Another added: “Oh that’s brilliant – they will sell out now I bet.”

A third said: “Not something I would normally buy, but now I’m compelled to.”

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