Pregnant Woman Is Shoved To Ground By Excited Dad-To-Be’s Mate At Gender Reveal Party

Footage of a gender reveal party has gone viral after the pregnant woman was shoved to the ground by the excited dad-to-be’s mate. 

A mum-to-be’s gender reveal party ended up turning into a disaster when she was knocked to the ground by her partner’s mate, who was a little over-excited.

At the party, the couple was surrounded by family and a bunch of friends as they celebrated this exciting chapter in their lives.

While waiting to find out the gender of the baby, the heavily pregnant woman stood beside an assortment of balloons.

The idea of the reveal was for the main balloon to pop and whatever colour appear to represent the gender of the baby – blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

In the viral clip on TikTok, the crowd can be heard counting down and the dad-to-be then popped the balloon.

Immediately, the couple was surrounded by pink, representing that they would be having a baby girl.

As expected, the couple ecstatically jumped for joy. Yet before the pregnant woman could reach out to her partner and embrace him, his mate pushed her aside to hug him instead.

However, the bloke was completely unaware he’d just shoulder-charged into the mum-to-be and continued to erratically jump up and down.

Meanwhile, the person filming can be heard screaming and quickly rushes over to check if the pregnant woman is okay.

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Based on the comments, the woman was fine and wasn’t injured. However, this didn’t stop people from slamming the dad-to-be’s mate, as they said he completely disregarded that this wasn’t his moment and he should have let the couple have the first hug.

In other news, an influencer couple has been slammed for ‘spending £74k’ on their baby’s gender reveal. People have described them as “disgustingly shameful”, as their country is currently facing extreme levels of poverty.

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