Lingerie Company Exists Which Specialises In Men’s Bras And Knickers!

A lingerie company exists that specialises in making bras and knickers for men, so they too get a choice of fun and interesting underwear designs to show off to their partners!

A lingerie line has been released by brand HommeMystere, which has a variety of plain and patterned bras and knickers to suit every guy’s sense of style.

Not only does the website provide men with comfortable bras and knickers, but the fashion line also has a selection of silky nighties, babydoll and bodysuits, according to MirrorOnline’s report.

The brand’s website description says: “We love designing and making fun, comfortable, unique lingerie – for people with packages! A growing number of guys are discovering the comfort of lightweight lingerie style underwear!

“HommeMystere understand that you want quality undergarments made with care, attention to detail, and fits your body shape perfectly. Comfortable panties that really do fit, feel great and look sensational!”

The Annabelle Bra. Credit: HommeMystere

Established in 2009, HommeMystere aims to design lingerie which can be “fun, comfortable, (and) unique” for men, who usually don’t have the same opportunities to embrace their bodies in the same way as women do.

For men who don’t just want underwear to make them feel sexy, the website also offers more comfortable panties which would be perfect for wearing to the office or for chilling around the house.

However, there has been controversy over the concept over on social media, with people unsure about whether or not they’d be happy with their partners wearing such feminine garments.

Through Twitter, one person wrote: “This has to be a joke right, I don’t know one bloke that would wear these.”

Another added: “Imagine taking a woman home, you’re getting undressed and it turns out, you have a matching bra and panty set!”

The Isabella Thong. Credit: HommeMystere

Yet for those few who have tried the garments, they have nothing but positive words to say. Many of the products have rave reviews on the website, such as the popular ‘Isabella Thong’.

One man wrote said: “Absolutely stunning! I love it! Amazing HM quality (as always!), awesome fit, amazingly comfortable…got it for a special occasion, just tried it on, it’s gonna be so hard not to put it on or let slip to the Mrs that I’ve got something special for her!

“This is now my fourth thong from HM and I love them all! (as does the Mrs!). Thank you HM!”

Another added: “It is a great thong. I do however prefer Sandra. I find the Isabelle a bit loose at the front. I am a sissy and would love a little bow at the front! Great daily piece for underdressing.”

The Katie Romper. Credit: HommeMystere

The products can be shipped worldwide, including the UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

For those who are little embarrassed to order, or don’t want the neighbours to know your private business, then there is the option of choosing ‘discreet shipping’ at checkout so that you will receive a plain-looking parcel. Therefore, it can remain your little secret…

Prices begin at $10 for bras, with thongs starting from $12.

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