Mum, 51, Often Gets Mistaken For Being Daughter’s Sister

A 51-year-old mum has been getting mistaken for being her daughter’s sister as she has such an incredibly youthful appearance. She’s even been dubbed the ‘Goddess of Youth’ on social media. 

Lee Su Jin, from South Korea, has amassed a large following on social media as people struggle to believe that she is actually 51-years-old.

Instagram: @sjeuro

In 2016, a photo went viral of the attractive mum on Asian social media, as at the time she was 48 and people were finding it difficult to believe. However, it turned out that the information was definitely correct and already, she was popular in her native South Korea.

The dentist has appeared on many television shows and has certainly solidified her status as the ‘Goddess of Youth’ because no matter how much time passes, her face remains the same.

Instagram: @sjeuro

Several years ago, she appeared on a Korean TV show called Same Bed, Different Dreams and she revealed that social media had been a blessing as she found it to be a gateway to social interacting.

After middle school, she felt that her daughter had drifted away and had stopped talking to her; through social media, Lee Su Jin found that she had plenty of engagement thanks to her youthful appearance and so she continued to interact and post more for her followers.

However, the mum soon found that daughter was interacting with her more once she began to use social media. Yet it wasn’t for the right reasons. Her daughter said that she had become obsessed and took far too many selfies.

Thankfully, the pair have resolved their differences and Le Su Jin’s daughter often appears on her social media pages now.

Instagram: @sjeuro

In recent years, the social media influencer has even been labelled a vampire as envious fans have never spotted a wrinkle on her and sometimes when out and about, people assume that she is actually her daughter’s sister.

For a while, there was a lot of controversy regarding her smooth skin and young-looking appearance, as many presumed she had opted to have cosmetic surgery done. However, according to Vietnamese website Zing News, she has insisted that she has had no plastic surgery.

Instagram: @sjeuro

Lee Su Jin claims that she has kept up her appearance by having a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As well as being very optimistic which means less stress, she makes sure to maintain a skincare routine and visits the gym a few times a week. She’s not do anything particularly unusual – so it’s a lot of luck I guess.

Similarly, a mum claims that she is often mistaken for daughter’s sister, despite their 23 year age gap.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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