A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton Clashes With Fussy Couple When Househunting

A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton found herself clashing with a fussy couple who were househunting for their perfect holiday home in Fuerteventura, Spain. 

Presenter Laura Hamilton, 38, found herself being shut down by a couple from Glouchester over whether or not they should reconsider their price budget when looking for their holiday home.

Couple Sarah and Simon explained that they wanted a two-bedroom property in the town of Corralejo, that would have a gorgeous sea view and a pool. Their budget for their dream house abroad was £200,000.

In the show, Laura asked the couple why they had decided to move abroad, to which Sarah responded: “Simon’s retired, my children are growing up.

“It feels like our turn for a little adventure, or a big adventure actually.”

Simon added: “All of that together means now is a great time and I’m sure you’ll find us a fantastic property.”

Credit: Channel 4

Taken aback by how much they were willing to spend on a home in Spain, Laura explained that it was going to be a difficult task finding what they wanted with their budget.

She said: “The things you’re mentioning, a pool, a view, two bedrooms – these things come at a price.

“Is there any wiggle room (for the budget) at all?”

Abruptly, Simon answered: “No.”

Unfazed, Laura continued: “Just to let you know, a couple of months ago, a frontline two-bedroom apartment with spectacular views sold for over £300,000.

“I’ll show you the best options but I do need you to be realistic.”

Dismissing the presenter’s advice, Simon commented: “What we’re talking about is our ideal property and we recognise we would have to have compromises.

“Then we’ll have to decide which ones we want and which we don’t.”

Sarah then firmly added: “If it was easy, we would have found it ourselves. We wouldn’t have needed your help.”

Credit: Channel 4

Struggling to find something that matched the couple’s specifications with such a tight budget, the episode showed how Laura struggled to find something that matched their very specific demands.

Fortunately, luck was on Laura’s side and the couple were impressed with the fourth property they were shown – somehow she had managed to find a villa with sea views that suited their needs.

Although the property was over their budget – at £241,228 – the couple seemed to think the villa was worth the stretch.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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