Adele Refuses To Target Music At ‘TikTok Generation’

Adele, who recently claimed artists like her are a 'dying breed,' has said she refuses to target her music at the 'TikTok generation'. 
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Adele, who recently claimed artists like her are a ‘dying breed,’ has said she refuses to target her music at the ‘TikTok generation’. 

The singer, who has just released her fourth studio album, titled ’30,’ after a six-year break from the industry, has insisted she would rather appeal to her ‘peers’.

Speaking to Zayn Lowe for Apple Music, the ‘Easy on Me’ hitmaker also revealed her son Angelo, 9, is not a fan of her hits.

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She said: “The 30 and 40-year-olds who take care of themselves and are in therapy – that’s my vibe because that’s what I do. I’m more concerned with how this record can help those.”

The 33-year-old claimed her management tried to broaden her target audience, saying: “When we finished mixing, the subject of TikTok came up.

“And I was like, ‘Tik-a-Tok-a-Who?’ They said, ‘We have to make sure the 14-year-olds know who you are’.

“And I said: ‘They all have mothers and that means they are guaranteed to have grown up with my music, these 14-year-olds’.

“If everyone makes music for TikTok, who makes music for my generation? Who makes the music for my peers? I like doing the job.”

She continued: “I mean Angelo is not a fan of mine. He thinks Rolling In The Deep is [the 2019 song by Masked Wolf].

“I say to him ‘that is not the original Rolling In The Deep’!”

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The singer’s latest record focuses on her divorce from Simon Konecki and she hopes the lyrics will help those who have gone through similar situations.

She added: “I really do believe, and I’m not being arrogant or anything like that here, it’s just like, it was my hell, but I really went to hell and back. And I realised, I actually didn’t like who I was.

“And I really think that some of the songs on this album could really help people, really change people’s lives. And I think a song like ‘Hold On’ could actually save a few lives. I really, really do.”

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