Adopted Teen Discovers She’s A Triplet Through Social Media

An adopted teen in Indonesia discovers she’s a triplet after what she thought was a troll got in contact!

In the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi, the 16-year-old girl was browsing through her social media messages when she came across a profile that showed a girl who looked pretty much identical to her.

Initially fearing she had been trolled, Nabila panicked until the doppelganger popped up with a direct message she would never have expected in a million years.

Twitter: @bileeuww

The account belonged to a girl named Nadya, who asked Nibila if she couldn see the similarities between them. At which point, it was suggested they video call each other so they could find out if they were wasting each other’s time.

Expecting it to be some type of prank, Nabila was in absolute shock when she realised the girl on the other side of the screen was the spitting image of herself.

Nabila said: “We asked each other personal questions during the video call, such as our weight, height, favourite colour and favourite drink. Our answers were 90% similar!

“Nadya then asked me ‘what if we’re actually twins?’ I told her I would be really happy, it would be like a dream come true.”

She added: “I considered the possibility and decided to ask my mum about it.”

Twitter: @bileeuww
Twitter: @bileeuww

Surprisingly, Nabila’s parents were forthright with her and acknowledged that she had been adopted as a baby, after being born a triplet.

According to Johra, Nabila’s mother, the teen’s parents had been in a difficult predicament and couldn’t possibly couple with three babies. They felt the right thing to do was to give the babies better homes.

Nabila said: “My mum told me that I only weighed 1.4 kilogrammes (3 lbs) as a newborn. I was dying.

“I was both happy and sad at the same time when I learned the truth. I was happy because I got to meet Nadya, but sad because I did not expect such a story.

“I am grateful that I still have my family who has lovingly raised me to this day.”

It hasn’t been officially confirmed that the two are definitely siblings, as they have yet to take a DNA test.

The pair are now looking for the third sibling and with the power of social media, hopefully, that will be someday soon!

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.