Adorable Gecko Can’t Stop Smiling Now He Has A Mini-Me!

An adorable gecko named Kohaku cannot stop smiling since his owners have given him a mini-me friend… that’s actually a toy gecko!

The 6-year-old leopard gecko has garnered much attention in recent years after his owners shared pictures of his ecstatic looking grin, which is now even bigger now he has a mini-me!

Despite his mini-me just being a toy, Kohaku is the best of friends with his plastic pal and loves nothing more than to cuddle and play.

Instagram: @589_tomo

According to Kohaku’s owners, who are based in Japan, the toy gecko came from a vending machine and they decided to name it Chinmari.

Since uploading pictures of the pair together, the owners have been flooded with messages about how adorable Kohaku looks with his new friend.

One person commented on a picture of Kohaku: “How is he dealing with his newfound fame?”

Instagram: @589_tomo


To which the answer was “very well” as they have since uploaded plenty more pictures of their leopard gecko grinning away and occasionally sticking his tongue out too!

Instagram: @589_tomo

Although to some it may seem slightly mean that he can’t just have a real-life gecko companion, there’s good intent behind it. Leopard geckos can be extremely territorial and if two were in the same enclosure, this could mean fights would be a regular occurrence. Even if there are two geckos of the opposite sex, there can be a problem where sharing a container. Therefore, the best choice is to give leopard geckos their own space to unwind in. With Chinmari, Kohaku’s owners are reassured that he is never lonely whilst also making ensuring he is safe and healthy.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.