Afghan Refugee’s Photo Of Food Rations Divides Opinion

An Afghan refugee's photo of food rations in the US has divided opinion on Twitter.
Credit: @ahmadihamed_/Twitter
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An Afghan refugee’s photo of food rations in the US has divided opinion on Twitter.

Hamed Ahmadi, who claims he is living in a tent with 70 others at Fort Bliss Military Base in El Paso, Texas, after escaping the Taliban on an evacuation flight from Kabul, has insisted he is ‘not complaining’.

His post reads: “Not complaining but this is what I got last night for dinner and the next meal is 12 hours later.

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Afghan Refugee's
The Afghan refugee has tweeted about his food rations in the US.  Credit: @ahmadihamed_/Twitter

“Refugee life might be safe but never easy and favourable. Fort Bliss El Paso Texas. ”

Many users reacted with anger to the photo of a few pieces of chicken, a slice of bread, and some fruit, suggesting Hamed was ‘ungrateful’.

One user commented: “How about ‘thank you’? Be grateful. Have some humility and exhibit some dignity. No one owes you anything. I’m a refugee from Lebanon and I’m forever grateful.”

Another added: “I was unable to reach a homeless veteran to ask how they like their free meals and free housing because they don’t get those things. Also, they don’t have iPhones.”

However, others were shocked at these responses.

One person wrote: “The lack of compassion in the responses to you is frightening.

Credit: @ahmadihamed_/Twitter

“You have had your life uprooted. No one chooses to start over with nothing unless desperate.”

Another chimed in, saying: “Wishing only suffering to those in these comments who think this man deserves 500 calories a day because he has a phone.”

Ahmadi, who is also a journalist, has since shared more updates on the situation via his personal Twitter account.

He wrote: “Update on the situation at Fort Bliss: We had several meetings so far with the high USG official in charge of the Afghan refugee’s resettlement process & Fort Bliss top generals on their request.

“I personally reached out to many Afghan refugees in past two days to collect feedback on food & shared with those in charge.

“Now we’re seeing improvement. Same budget, same food provider but better food, better discipline thanks to better communication.”

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