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Alcohol-Free Guinness Has Hit Supermarket Shelves In Scotland

Alcohol-free Guinness has hit supermarket shelves in Scotland this month and apparently it has the “same great taste” as the original. 

From October 26, supermarkets across Scotland will be stocking up on what has been called Guinness 0.0, which is essentially Guinness “with everything, except alcohol”.

Diageo has said that the new beverage will be available in 440ml cans in packs of four (it should be priced at around £3.50 to £4.50) from Waitrose and Morrisons online and in-store, before it is rolled out to other retailers.

As of spring 2021, it will be available in pubs across the UK and Ireland.

St James’ Gate Brewery team starts brewing the non-alcoholic Guinness in the same way that would make the alcoholic, they use the same natural ingredients but remove the alcohol by a cold filtration method.

Without presenting thermal stress to the beer, this process allows the alcohol to be filtered out, whilst protecting the integrity of its taste and character.

Credit: Guinness

The brand has promised that it’s the same “perfectly balanced flavour” as Guinness, with the same dark, ruby red liquid with a creamy head, alongside a hint of chocolate and coffee. It’s smoothly balanced out with a combination of bitter, sweet and roasted notes.

The Guinness team has stated that taste tests have been conducted by an independent panel hosted by Nielsen, which found that Guinness 0.0 has “exceeded expectations” with its taste branded “outstanding”.

The team has suggested drinking Guinness 0.0 if you’re looking for a low-calorie option, with it being just 16 calories per 100ml, therefore a standard can of the non-alcoholic is just 70 calories.

Gráinne Wafer, global brand director at Guinness, said: “The launch of Guinness 0.0 highlights our long-held commitment to innovation, experimentation, and bravery in brewing, harnessing the power of our brewers and our ingredients, to create an alcohol-free beer that is 100 per cent Guinness but per cent alcohol.”

Aisling Ryan, innovation brewer at St James’s Gate said: “We have created a taste experience that we believe is truly unrivalled in the world of non-alcoholic beer and we can’t wait for people to finally be able to try it!”

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