Aldi’s Christmas Menu Includes Halloumi Wrapped In Bacon!

Aldi’s Christmas menu is full of delicious treats, with new ones being added every day. Yet their halloumi wrapped in bacon looks like it could top the lot!

Pigs in blanket might feel a little bit threatened this Christmas, as there’s a new snack wrapped in bacon that’s taking over town… yummy halloumi in blankets.

Aldi’s festive range has been unveiled this week and has included such delights as an entire roast dinner in a Yorkshire pudding. It does leave you spoilt for choice!

The bite-size snack is an alternative to the traditional sausage wrapped in bacon, being replaced by small chunks of grilled halloumi cheese wrapped in streaky bacon.

It has been confirmed by the discount store that the cheesy nibbles will be hitting stores on December 5 but for now, the price remains a mystery. Until then, it has been advised by the store that you keep an eye on the store’s Christmas page.

However, if you were to have a go at making halloumi wrapped in bacon in your spare time, it would most likely total to around £3.40. Typically, a 225g block of halloumi cheese will set you back £2 from Tesco, whilst a pack of bacon should cost you £1.40.

The two-meter-long pig in blanket from Aldi’s SpecialBuy range.

Of course, the Christmas traditionalists out there will probably not be interested in this alternative and thankfully, Aldi has made your usual favourite that little bit more exciting. Aldi is also selling a two-meter-long pig in blanket which is taller than the average man!

The two-meter-long pig in blanket will set you back £4.99, which means you’ll probably want to invest in a few. Despite the size, it sounds like it’s still going to be difficult to share.

As the extra-long sausage is a part of the SpecialBuy range, this means that once it’s been swiped off the shelves, that’ll be the last you’ll see of it, unfortunately.

Aldi has 830 branches based all over the UK, to find out where your nearest store is, check out Aldi’s store locator.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.