Hilaria Baldwin Claims ‘Enemies’ Of Alec ‘Seek To Destroy’ Him

Alec Baldwin Enemies: Hilaria Baldwin has claimed that 'enemies' of Alec 'seek to destroy' him.
Credit: @hilariabaldwin/@alecbaldwininsta/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin has claimed that ‘enemies’ of Alec ‘seek to destroy’ him. 

The 38-year-old took to Instagram on July 27 and wrote a lengthy post about her husband.

She penned: “To enter your world and become your person has been both a joy and an eye-opening experience. How many wonderful moments, meeting incredible people, doing amazing experiences, and building a family. I am forever grateful. Every day.”

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She continued: “The darker part is seeing behind the curtain at how some of this ‘business’ can function and the blows and sacrifices that someone in the public eye takes for speaking up for what they believe and for helping others.

“Enemies of these missions seek to destroy you, in order to delegitmise your voice and purpose. This is not a new tactic… it’s as old as history… yet, how easy it is now more than ever to slander people and cherry-pick and piece together strands taken out of context, ‘opinions,’ or complete fabrications. And how some people believe it or stay silent out of fear.”

Elsewhere in the post, Baldwin said numerous people stop the actor and praise his accomplishments.

“How many times I’ve experienced people stopping you and thanking you for your philanthropy in the arts, your work with children, fighting for our environment, and yes, we all know: our politics. People see how hard you fight for what you believe is right. And we are grateful. Listen to these voices… Turn down the volume on the darkness and negativity,” she added.

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In concluding her post, the mum-of-six wrote: “I don’t know the ending to any of our stories, but I do know that while we are living, I want you to be told time over time how much we see you and appreciate you. And we know that you are carrying quite a load, using the privileged place of your public voice for good. Not everyone with your privilege chooses this path. And we know it’s hard. So many love you, AB, we are here for you to lean on and feel safe.”

It accumulated more than 29,000 likes and hundreds have taken to the comments, where many have praised their relationship.

“The love you two have for one another, the respect you show one another is unbreakable!” one gushed. “You two are a force no one can nor will ever break.”

Another added: “So beautifully said.”

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