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Alex Beresford Blasted Over ‘Ridiculous’ Comments About Covid  

Alex Beresford Alex Beresford comments covid
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Alex Beresford has been blasted for making ‘ridiculous’ comments after testing positive for Covid. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter told his Twitter followers he’s been in bed for the past week, but claims he would have been ‘much worse’ had he not got the vaccine. 

He said: “Been in bed since last week with Covid. Feels like a really bad flu.

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“I’ve been actively wearing my mask and washing my hands these last few months because I was on projects I couldn’t fall out of, but I know I relaxed up these last 2 weeks and here I am!”

He then added: “I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine.”

His comments received a mixed response, with some branding the presenter ‘ridiculous’ for his comments. 

One said: “This statement is ridiculous.” 

“That’s the money shot right there!” said another. “How much did they pay you to put that tweet up?”

A third added: “I’ve not had the jabs and I’m fine. Cos I have an immune system.”

While someone else said: “Strange as all unvaccinated I know have not had covid, yet all the ones that have them seem to be getting covid!”

However, others sent the weatherman well wishes, saying they had similar thoughts when they tested positive.

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One penned: “Never ever let y[ou]r guard, down. Treat everyone as though they are carriers. Get well soon.”

Another chipped in: “I was in the same position and I only leave the house once a week to see one other person (who gave me Covid).

“I think the vaccine wore off but now I’m boosted now. Like you say, without the vaccine, I think I’d have been one of the dead statistics. Was very ill. Get well soon!”

“Aww I feel for you,” said a third. “I’m 19 days on from covid positive and still not back to normal, no smell or taste still have a slight cough and ache! It really knocks the stuffing out of you.

“Keep rested and hope you recover soon!”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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