Amber Heard’s Friend Says Johnny Depp’s Female Supporters Suffer ‘Low Self-Esteem’

Amber Heard Eve Barlow: The journalist has said that Johnny Depp's female supporters are suffering from 'low self-esteem'. 
Credit: @amberheard/@evebarlow/Instagram

A friend of Amber Heard, named Eve Barlow, has said that Johnny Depp’s female supporters are suffering from ‘low self-esteem’. 

The music journalist took to Twitter on May 10 and said that it’s ‘easy’ for women to hate the Aquaman star.

Explaining why she thinks this, she wrote: “It’s easy for women with low self-esteem to hate AH or justify their prejudice towards archetypal feminine strength/beauty by denying their envy of it.

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“They perceive an afforded power that’s truly a myth and excuse their own inefficiency at being resilient against misogyny.”

She continued: “AH had to fight for her life, despite her position and assumed privileges. She still wasn’t afforded a saviour. It’s much easier to get behind a woman who plays the damsel in distress than it is to empathise with a woman who has had to liberate herself.”

Barlow reportedly made the comment about her friend when responding to law expert Dr Charlotte Proudman, who took to the platform and asked: “Do women hate other women? And if you think they do, why?”

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During the former couple’s defamation trial, the journalist has been voicing her opinions.

After seeing people remake Heard’s testimony on TikTok, she tweeted: “Listen, anyone protecting the TikTok abuse of Amber Heard is acting in bad faith.

“You can’t argue that it doesn’t have a chilling effect on survivors from coming forward. Anyone actively mocking testimony about abuse is contributing to that silencing. Period.”

This week, the trial has been put on hold.

According to the Metro, Fairfax County Circuit Judge Penney Azcarate has a previous engagement she must attend. It’s set to continue on May 12.

During the pause, the jurors on the high-profile case have reportedly been instructed to not read, listen or watch anything relating to the trial.

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