Amber Heard Facing New Johnny Depp Legal Battle

Amber Heard Insurer: The Aquaman star faces a new legal battle with an insurer over her Johnny Depp lawsuit. 
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Amber Heard is facing a new legal battle over her infamous Johnny Depp lawsuit

According to TMZ, the Aquaman star’s insurance company, New York Marine and General Insurance Co, doesn’t want to pay her ex-husband the $15million damages following the defamation trial.

Despite the fact Heard’s policy apparently covers various types of wrongful conduct, it’s stated under California law that the insurer is not liable to pay up if the insured party has committed ‘wrongful, wilful misconduct’.

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Reportedly, the company has noted that the jury found Heard had been ‘malicious,’ as well as having committed wilful defamation.

It’s believed the New York Marine is now seeking a declaration from the judge that it is not responsible to pay the damages, due to the policy and law.

In a discussion with the New York Post, Virginia appellate lawyer Steven Emmett said that Heard’s ex could explore other options if the actress cannot pay up.

He reportedly told the publication: “If she doesn’t have the money, then his avenue, while she’s pursuing an appeal, is to try to execute on property she owns.

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“[This is] where you summon the debtor to come to a court and his lawyer would get to ask her questions saying, ‘What property do you own, what real estate do you own, what vehicles do you own, what jewellery do you own, what art collections’.”

If this was to happen, Heard’s assets would be apparently be sent to auction and the money raised would go to Depp.

Recently, the actress’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, said the star was ‘absolutely not’ able to pay the damages when asked on The Today Show.

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