Johnny Depp ‘To Be Called As Amber Heard’s Witness’ In Defamation Trial

Amber Heard is set to call Johnny Depp as a witness.
Credit: CourtTV via YouTube

Johnny Depp will reportedly be ‘called as a witness’ for Amber Heard during his defamation trial against her. 

It’s been claimed that the actress’ team plan to bring Depp to the stand to testify for ‘elements of her countersuit,’ as she is also suing him for $100million.

Katherine Lizardo, a lawyer from Texas, told Law&Crime Network how it was possible for Heard to do this.

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She explained: “I want to say that a lot of people weren’t sure if that’s possible.

“It’s actually possible because in Virginia, and actually in federal court, in a lot of states, a party can call an adverse witness to their case in chief.

“An adverse witness is basically your opposing party.”

Lizardo continued: “They’re trying to bring Johnny Depp in to establish some elements about her countersuit. That’s one reason why you bring in your adverse witness to testify for you.

“But there are alternatives that you can use for that. For example, you can use depositions of Johnny Depp to establish that element, or you can use other witnesses or other documents, admissible documents.”

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Earlier in the trial, Heard explained why she is countersuing her ex-husband.

On the stand, she claimed: “My interest is in my name – in clearing my name. At the time, I was being called a ‘liar’ and my motives were being questioned.

“I did see it as important to clear that up.”

Addressing the article that Depp is suing her for, which did not refer to him by name, she continued to testify, alleging: “I was talking about a bigger issue than just Johnny… when powerful men do something horrible or that they shouldn’t, how there is a system in place to protect them, to clean up after them.

“This was a reference to not just Johnny but what was happening as a culture when we were addressing a lot of MeToo issues.”

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