Amber Heard’s Johnny Depp ‘Randos’ Comment Faces Backlash

Amber Heard 'Rando' Comment: The star is facing a backlash for using the word when talking about Johnny Depp.
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Amber Heard’s Johhny Depp ‘randos’ comment in her recent TV interview has caused her to face a backlash online. 

The actress appeared on NBC News and used the word – which means an ‘unknown or unexpected’ person – to describe some of her ex-husband’s witnesses.

It all started when host Savannah Guthrie stated to the 36-year-old: “They listened to your testimony and they did not believe you. They thought you were lying.”

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In response, Heard said: “How could, put it this way, how could they make a judgement? How could they not come to that conclusion?

“They had sat in those seats and heard over three weeks of non-stop, relentless testimony from paid employees, and towards the end of the trial ‘randos’ as I say.”

On social media, users took exception to this remark and blasted the Aquaman star, especially as they believed it was used to describe Depp’s ex, supermodel Kate Moss.

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One person penned: “To answer Amber Heard referring to worldwide legendary model and fashion icon Kate Moss as a ‘randos,’ the only person that showed up for you non-paid is your sister.”

“Kate Moss being referred to as ‘randos’ kills me,” added a second. “Right. Because Amber Heard has always been a household name. Nobody knew who the eff you were before Johnny sued you. And we wish we still didn’t know you.”

Pitching in, a third said: “I really just want to know who Amber Heard thinks she is? Ma’am. Not your bad acting, no tears having a**, having the AUDACITY to refer to an ICON, like Kate Moss, as a ‘randos’!”

A fourth mused: “Amber Heard calling Johnny Depp’s witnesses ‘randos’. Then who the f*** were hers then? Dr dry mouth?”

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