American Mum Outrages Brits After Making The ‘Worst Cup Of Tea Ever’

An American mum has outraged Brits after she shared a recipe for ‘British tea’ as many claimed that she butchered a classic brew by microwaving water and filling the cup with a third of milk. 

Michelle, who is from the States but is living in the UK, decided to share a recipe for “hot tea” last month and it has angered many, as people accuse her of butchering a classic British brew.

The mum shared the clip on the social media platform TikTok and it soon went viral as people saw how she made her version of a builder’s brew.

She said: “So I got a lot of questions after my last video, and everyone wanted to see me make hot tea or British tea.”

Everyone in Britain knows how to make a decent cuppa and although everyone has their own version of making it perfect, there are just some things that everyone has to agree on… like using an actual kettle.

Another element that is crucial to making a good brew is a teabag. Really, it should be in the cup before the water is poured.

However, Michelle decided to ignore both of these important rules and made what many described as a disastrous cup of tea.

The first step to Michelle’s version of a hot tea was to use to a microwave. She placed a cup of water in the microwave for around a minute – which means it was most likely lukewarm at best – and then she poured a large lashing of milk, around a third of the cup.

She then dropped the teabag inside and barely let it brew, before she poured a ridiculous amount of sugar in the presumably coldish mixture.

@jchelle36Americans making hot tea 🍵 ##americanintheuk @mleemaster10

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Many have stated that Michelle’s version of a brew should be branded as “illegal”.

So far, the clip has been seen over 106,000 times and many claim the video made them cry in horror.

One person raged: “This is a crime.”

Whilst another said: “A little bit of me died inside when I watched this.”

A third commented: “That’s just watery milk.”

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