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American Woman’s ‘Hilarious’ Pronunciation of Greggs Goes Viral

An American woman has gone viral on TikTok over the 'hilarious' way she pronounces Greggs. Her clip has accumulated thousands of views.
Credit: @gabby_marcellus/TikTok

An American woman has gone viral on TikTok over the ‘hilarious’ way she pronounces Greggs. 

Gabrielle Marcellus recently took to the social media platform and shared a clip of herself declaring her love for the British bakery chain when the mishap happened.

Addressing her viewers, she said: “Guys, one of my favourite places to go is this place called G R Eggs.

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Gabrielle Marcellus
The American woman has gone viral over the ‘hilarious’ way she pronounces Greggs. Credit: @gabby_marcellus/TikTok

“If you’re looking for a really great place for breakfast in England, then go to this place called G R Eggs.”

Hilariously, the TikToker was then interrupted by a passerby who kindly informed her that it’s actually pronounced ‘Greggs’.

Since being shared, the clip has amassed a whopping 4.4million views and thousands of Brits have taken to the comments to say it left them in hysterics.

One viewer said: “It literally is all together and says Greggs. Are you okay?”

Another added: “You did not just pronounce Greggs like that… I am hurt right now.”

A third person questioned: “What in your brain separates the GR from eggs? I’m just not getting it lol.”

Joining in, Co-op even commented and said: “There’s no hope for us then.”

@gabby_marcellusWait what’s it called????♬ original sound – gabrielle marcellus

After the clip went viral, Marcellus took to TikTok once again and explained why she calls it G R Eggs.

Recalling a trip to London she had with a boyfriend in 2018, she said: “I found this one place, way back there that was called G R Eggs. He was like ‘What?’ I was like: ‘Yeah, it’s called G R Eggs,’ and he was like: ‘What, show me, show me’. So I literally went and I showed him this place and he was like ‘Greggs?’.

“I don’t know why but for some reason I saw the word ‘eggs’ and ‘G R’ and I swore it was ‘G R Eggs’. It’s definitely not.

“I know it’s called Greggs but it’s such a funny story and it’s a running joke with me and my friends from the UK. I never refer to it as Greggs because to me it’s always G R Eggs.”

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