Amsterdam Is Set To Have A Willy Wonka-Style Chocolate Factory With A Rollercoaster

Amsterdam is set to have its very own Willy Wonka-style chocolate factory, as Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus is set to launch a new site for sweet-toothed adults and kids.  

Sometime in 2024, a factory inspired by all things chocolate will be coming to the Netherlands and unlike Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, you won’t need a golden ticket to step foot inside.

Tony Chocolonely, the country’s most popular chocolate brand, has recently shared a rendering of its ‘candy complex’ which is set to be built in Zaandam, which is a small city on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Credit: Tony’s Chocolonely

Inspired by Roald Dahl’s story of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and other fun chocolate-related stories, is set to have a full-sized rollercoaster that loops through the main building.

Blueprints have been designed by Dutch architects seARCH and the factory appears to be made from a red-brick converted warehouse. The rollercoaster is a red pavilion and it looks like it shall have plenty of space.

Plans for the site were originally announced in 2018 when the firm stated that it would like to offer “a total experience, where you can learn and experience everything about chocolate, the problems in the cocoa industry and what Tony’s Chocolonely does about it”.

The chocolate brand, which first launched in 2005, has always been on a mission to end slavery on cocoa farms.

Credit: Tony’s Chocolonely

It is estimated that it will cost around €100 million (£89 million) to build. Apparently, the company plans to relocate all of its main offices over to the new site and it will include a large shop and restaurant for visitors to enjoy. It has been revealed that Tony’s estimate around 500,000 will visit a year to indulge its delicious chocolate treats. Additionally, it will create around 600 jobs.

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