Rogue One Prequel Series Is A ‘Gritty’ Thriller Dubbed ‘Best Star Wars Show Yet’

Andor, the latest Disney+ series set in the Star Wars universe has dropped its first three episodes today, with critics calling it the ‘best Star Wars show yet’.
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Andor, the latest Disney+ series set in the Star Wars universe has dropped its first three episodes, and critics calling it the ‘best Star Wars show yet’.

The TV series is a prequel to the 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with Diego Luna reprising his role as Cassian Andor.

It will serve as an origin story of the character and his early years as part of the Rebellion that is fighting against the Empire.

Watch the trailer for Andor below…

When Andor was announced, it was initially met with cautious optimism as fans did not know what to expect from a show about a side character that has only appeared in one film.

However, as the release date drew closer and more trailers were revealed, the 12-part series became one of the most anticipated shows of the year.

Now that the first three episodes are released, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Paul Bradshaw from NME praised Andor for its mature, gritty tone and called it ‘the best Star Wars show yet’.

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He wrote: “Andor arrives looking like the kind of show that makes Disney+ feel worth the subscription fee.

“Andor proves that Star Wars can grow up without growing old. The Lucasfilm universe is clearly big enough for all kinds of stories, and this might just be one of the best yet.”

Richard Lawson, from Vanity Fair, shared the same sentiment as Bradshaw in that he too thinks it’s the best Star Wars show made.

He also praises the ‘dirty’ cinematography by adding: “[Tony] Gilroy and directors Toby Haynes and Susanna White give the series a tarnished palette: crisply shot greys and mossy greens and faded blues.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor.
Andor is being called the ‘best Star Wars show yet’. Credit: Star Wars via YouTube

“There’s not much flare or whimsy here; we’re in the dreary, utilitarian, industrial portions of the Star Wars galaxy, where little gleams.”

Meanwhile, Simon Cardy from IGN believes Andor could be the type of show that has an influence on the ‘TV landscape’.

He writes: Andor is off to a fantastic start thanks to its compelling performances, corporate espionage undertones, and considered filmmaking. It’s not only shaping up to be a great Star Wars show, but one that could make its mark on the overall TV landscape.”

Other critics have also compared the show to the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner.

Fans who have already watched the first three episodes are already praising the show too.

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One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Complex characters, immersive production design and a slow-burning narrative plant darker seeds for something exciting yet to come. Slow and steady wins the race…”

“First 3 episodes of Andor are amazing and Diego Luna is continuing his amazing character of Cassian! Can’t wait for the rest of the series,” shared a second fan.

Someone else on Twitter said it is the ‘best show since The Mandalorian’, another critically acclaimed show on Disney+ set in the Star Wars universe.

Positive reactions show why this series should be a must-watch for any fan of the iconic franchise.

You can watch Diego Luna’s full interview with It’s Gone Viral on our Youtube channel.

The first three episodes of Andor are available now to watch on Disney+ and the rest of the series will be released every Wednesday. 

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