Andrew Tate Prosecution Shares Disturbing Claims Ahead Of Trial: ‘Make Them Slaves’

Andrew Tate
Credit: BBC

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan’s prosecutors have shared disturbing claims ahead of the brothers’ trial, including comments about making their victims ‘slaves’.

A comprehensive case file containing graphic evidence compiled by Romanian prosecutors, alleges that Andrew Tate coerced women into s***al acts.

Tate, 36, is an American-British media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer.

Tate entered the kickboxing scene in 2005, achieving his first championship victory in 2009.

He garnered wider attention in 2016 with his appearance on the reality TV show Big Brother, which led to his expulsion due to a controversial video depicting him striking a woman with a belt.

However, both parties later said the act was consensual.

Tate capitalised on his internet presence by offering paid courses and memberships through his website, gaining fame as an online personality and promoting an opulent and hyper-masculine lifestyle.

The former Big Brother stars misogynistic remarks have led to suspensions on multiple social media platforms over the years.

In April 2022, a report was made to the US embassy regarding an American citizen allegedly held captive at the Tate brothers’ residence in Romania.

A subsequent police raid discovered four women, including the American and another Romanian woman, who claimed they were being held against their will, leading to an investigation into human trafficking and r*pe.

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Both Andrew and his brother Tristan were initially questioned as witnesses rather than suspects.

In December, the brothers and two women were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and forming an organised crime group.

The case evolved with further charges, asset seizures, legal proceedings and changes in detention status, with seven victims identified by June.

The accused continue to deny all charges and are also being investigated for money laundering and trafficking of minors.

Shedding new light on the case, the BBC has had access to a summary of this case file which spans hundreds of pages.

The pages detail testimonies and transcripts that present a troubling narrative of human trafficking, s**ual violence and manipulation.

The case file includes accounts from alleged victims detailing coerced s***al acts, emotional manipulation and physical violence.

Particularly distressing is an allegation of s**ual violence that reportedly left a woman with eye and breast injuries.

Among the most striking elements of the case are transcribed audio messages, allegedly involving Andrew Tate’s brother Tristan, in which he uses derogatory language and appears to display a disturbing level of control.

In one message, Tristan seemingly refers to the women involved as ‘b****es’, working them as ‘slaves’ and expresses his intent to exert dominance over them.

Andrew Tate
Andrew and Tristan Tate prosecutors have shared disturbing claims ahead of the brothers’ trial, including comments about making their victims ‘slaves’. Credit: @cobratate/Instagram

Both Andrew and Tristan, alongside two Romanian women, are facing trial for charges of human trafficking and forming an organised criminal group.

Additionally, Andrew Tate is individually charged with r*pe.

However, it’s important to note that the Tate brothers and the accused women remain to deny all the charges against them.

The messages presented in the case file, some of which have been translated multiple times, are yet to be fully verified for their authenticity.

The case file, consisting of approximately 300 pages, delves into the pre-trial prosecution evidence.

These documents offer a rare glimpse into the allegations that have sparked a heated debate about the alleged actions of the Tates.

According to prosecutors, the brothers lured women under false pretences, exploiting them for their gain.

The victims were allegedly coerced into creating explicit content, subjected to physical violence, and trapped in an environment of mental coercion.

Throughout the case file, references are made to messages exchanged between the defendants and their alleged victims, providing insight into the alleged manipulation and control that took place.

The summary describes instances of women being financially controlled, emotionally manipulated and subjected to degrading language.

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The prosecution’s case appears to be built on a foundation of witness testimonies and transcribed messages, which they claim to demonstrate controlling behaviour.

Alleged victims’ accounts reveal disturbing patterns of manipulation, including threats, coercion and punishment for minor infractions.

Witnesses also describe how the defendants reportedly held financial control over them, extracting earnings from explicit content platforms and enforcing strict schedules.

While the defence is expected to challenge the validity of the prosecution’s evidence, these allegations raise serious questions about the treatment of women, manipulation and the dynamics of power and control.

The trial, set to unfold in Romania, will likely be a protracted legal battle, as both sides present their arguments and counterarguments.

The outcome of this trial could significantly impact discussions around consent, coercion and online influence.

As this complex case navigates the legal process, the world watches closely.

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