Angry Shopper Slams Sainsbury’s Over ‘Sexist’ Comments About Her Hot Pants

An angry shopper has slammed a member of staff at Sainsbury’s after she was told she had to ‘pull her t-shirt down’ as a male customer had complained that her hot pants were ‘too short’. 

Lauren O’Connor, from Surrey, was left infuriated when shopping at Sainsbury’s after a member of staff approached her and told her that a male customer had complained about the length of her shorts.

The 33-year-old said that she thought the encounter was “sexist” and she argued that she should be able to wear whatever she likes in “32-degree heat”. She then questioned why a member of staff had repeated this back to her, as there is no dress code when entering the supermarket apart from a facemask – which she had been wearing.

The PR director took to Twitter and shared her outrage at the sexism and humiliation of the encounter. She argued that men can wear whatever they want, whilst women are always being policed about what they wear.

The woman shared a photo of the outfit she had been wearing and wrote: “I’m so angry right now. Just been approached by a Sainsbury’s staff member in Staines store to ‘pull my t-shirt down’.

“An elderly man made comment to staff member who felt compelled to come over and tell me as I was shopping. It’s 32 degrees. If I want to wear shorts I will.”

She continued: “For reference, this is my outfit. All I wanted was ice lollies. N I get shamed in store doing so. So disappointed. When are we going to stop telling women how to dress? Especially when topless men frequent supermarkets, which I highly doubt are told to change [sic].

“I’m so livid about it. When are we going to stop giving the space for men who can’t stop being perverts? I am so tired of having to defend my existence and love of booty shorts!”

In response to the post, one woman wrote: “That’s disgusting. Why do people love giving their unwarranted opinions?”

Another commented: “Please tell me you pulled your shirt all the way down from neckline to waist.”

Lauren recalled the incident to the Daily Mail, expressing how she had been left “humiliated”, she said: “I popped in the store to get some ice lollies for my mum, a quick in and out job. It was 32 degrees, shockingly hot.

“I was looking at hair dye when a sales assistant approached me and said ‘I think you need to pull your t shirt down, as a gentleman doesn’t know if you’re wearing anything underneath’.”

She continued: “It was here, looking at a box of hair dye I was at a loss for words. That a) someone felt the need to comment on what I was wearing and tell a member of staff and b) that the member of staff told me about it. I was mortified. I was wearing a mask but can imagine the colour my cheeks would have been.”

Discussing how she felt, she said: “It’s a humiliating experience to have that happen especially in this sweltering heat.

“It’s double standards when men are allowed to walk topless in supermarkets and crazy that supermarkets can’t police people not wearing masks, but I can’t wear hot pants in the summer heat? It’s absolute lunacy.

“I actually used to work at this location when I was in my teens and can honestly say I have never known this to happen before. There is no dress code for Sainsbury’s.”

Lauren then revealed that Sainsbury’s had replied to her complaint and that the company is looking into the incident.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told the Daily Mail: “We are speaking to the store to understand what happened and would like to apologise to Lauren for any offence caused.”

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