Animal Abusers To Be Registered Like Sex Offenders

The United States is implementing a new legislation and taking further important steps to ensure pets are protected against animal abusers.

According to the 2019-2020 National pet owners survey, around 85 million families in the US own a pet, which equates to 67% of US households. Pets are great companions, they’re extremely loving, loyal and innocent, which makes them the perfect target for abusers.

Animals are in danger and susceptible to heinous acts as they are unable to defend and protect themselves, but a new legislation means that anyone caught harming and abusing animals will have to register in the same way that sex offenders do. Which is a huge step forward in making sure these animals are safe and protected from anyone who can’t be trusted as animal caretakers.

There is an animal abuse registry in Tennessee that will enable establishments such as pet shops, vets and individuals to make better decisions about allowing offenders to own an animal.

Before 1986 only 4 states in America had animal abuse laws, but now all 50 have actioned that law. Various reports show that around one million animals are abused each year due to domestic violence. 32% of those cases are due to the owner’s negligence.

Animal abuse statistics in the United States.

Animal abusers often use pets as a “dummy” run before they move onto harming and even killing humans.

“We know there is a very strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence,” Suffolk County legislator Jon Cooper said. “Almost every serial killer starts out by torturing animals, so in a strange sense we could end up protecting the lives of people.”

*SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Netflix’s new docu-series Don’t F**k With Cats then don’t read below*

New Netflix documentary Don’t F**k With Cats is a prime example of how animal abuse can rapidly escalate to murder. Luka Magnotta, now facing life in prison, tortured and murdered his cats and around 18 months later he violently stabbed a man to death and then went on to dismember him.

The fact that abusers will now have to become registered will not only improve and protect the lives of animals, but it can be a good indicator of whether or not those particular individuals are likely to harm humans. It could end up saving an abundance of animals and possibly human lives, which is definitely a tremendous thing!

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