Vegan Activists Block Supermarket Shoppers From Buying Milk: ‘We’ve Been Left With No Choice’

Animal Rebellion has taken to blocking access to supermarket cow's milk in stores across four UK cities.
Credit: AnimalRebellion via Facebook

Animal Rebellion has taken to blocking access to supermarket cow’s milk in stores across four UK cities.

The vegan activists showed up at several supermarkets to host their ‘anti-dairy’ protest with ‘Plant-Based Future’ signs and ‘Rewild our Land’ signs.

Metro reports that the group staged its protests inside a Whole Foods in London and Marks & Spencer’s stores in Southampton and Manchester.

Watch as Animal Rebellion scale DEFRA building in London…

Promoting its cause on Facebook and releasing a statement, Animal Rebellion wrote: “Supermarkets in 4 different cities have had their dairy aisles blocked by Animal Rebellion supporters!

“A bottle of cows’ milk is representative of everything wrong with our food system. From animal exploitation to environmental degradation, it is a cruel, inefficient and unnecessary product.

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“It’s time to stop the supply of dairy. We can’t let this continue any longer – not when the answer is so simple – a #PlantBasedFuture.

“We have spent months trying all the proper channels to engage with the government on the scientific consensus to transition to a plant-based future, but they have chosen to ignore us.

“We have been left with no choice but to step into civil resistance to pressure government action to preserve our futures.

“We are announcing our intentions in advance so the British public [can] prepare for a disruption to the milk supply this September.

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“We apologise for any stress this may cause during a cost of living crisis, but the government are sleepwalking every single one of us into poverty, misery, and climate and ecological collapse. We cannot sit by and let this happen.”

Writing on Twitter, the group added: “On Wednesday, Animal Rebellion disrupted Harrods by pouring bottles of milk onto the floor.

“Why? Because we’re in an animal and climate emergency! This September we’re going to show that a #PlantBasedFuture is possible.”

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