‘Anne Boleyn’ Slammed For ‘Historical Inaccuracies’ As Jodie Turner-Smith Takes On Iconic Role

Anne Boleyn has divided viewers as Jodie Turner-Smith, who’s faced racism backlash, portrays the historical character. 
Credit: @jodiesmith/Instagram & Channel 5

Anne Boleyn, which features Jodie Turner-Smith, has been slammed over its ‘historical inaccuracies’. 

The Channel 5 biopic’s first episode finally aired on Tuesday night and shows the British actress taking on the iconic role of King Henry VIII’s second wife.

However, not everybody is impressed with the new show.

Jodie Turner-Smith Responds To Racist Backlash She Received For Playing Anne Boleyn

Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn.
Anne Boleyn, the brand new biopic, has divided viewers over its ‘historical inaccuracies’. Credit: Channel 5

One person wrote on Twitter: “I have zero problems with a black Anne Boleyn. I have big problems with perpetuating the myth that Henry was unconscious for hours after his fall from the horse.”

Another said: “Hmm, I’m trying but I’m not feeling Anne Boleyn. I mean, she [Turner-Smith] looks gorgeous but the script is awful.”

“I could accept Jodie Turner-Smith #AnneBoleyn as a way for the younger generation to take an interest in history they may not have before, but having her kiss Jane Seymour and too many other historical inaccuracies is just too much. Have at least some historical accuracy in it,” a third penned. 

However, others enjoyed it and praised Turner-Smith for her portrayal.

“Jodie Turner-Smith is too talented for words and she’s effortlessly regal,” one fan gushed.

A second added: “Been looking forward to this and it does not disappoint. Jodie Turner-Smith is captivating.”

Pitching in, a third wrote: “Less than 10 minutes in and I’m genuinely in awe of her screen presence she is every the Queen.”

Jodie Turner-Smith
Credit: @jodiesmith/Instagram

Earlier this year, Turner-Smith opened about being one of the few black actors to play a royal character on TV.

The 34-year-old explained that she was drawn to the role because she wanted to share Boleyn’s ‘truth’.

She told Variety: “Obviously, her legend has perhaps dwarfed even the truth of who she was as a person in real life,” she said. “She’s majorly influential in so many different ways, and I think it’s interesting how much about her story gets under people’s skin, even now.”

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