‘Antiques Roadshow’ Guest’s ‘Lucky’ Find Receives Staggering Valuation

'Antique's Roadshow' Bambi Art: A woman's 'lucky' find received a staggering valuation in the programme's most recent episode. 
Credit: BBC

An Antiques Roadshow guest’s ‘lucky’ find received a staggering valuation in the programme’s most recent episode

The show was filming in Wells, Somerset, when a woman brought along a piece on a slab of scrap metal by a street artwork named Bambi.

It featured two people kissing in sprayed black and white paint with a red kiss in the corner, depicting Rodins’ The Kiss.

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Explaining how she became to be the owner of the piece, the woman told expert Rupert: “It was leaning up against a white van in a fair last year that we went to and it just jumped up at me and I loved it.

“So I asked the chap if it was for sale and it was. He asked for £800 at the time so then I went back and said would you take £350 and he said yes.”

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She went on to add: “It’s by a female street artist called Bambi and we know very little about her.”

Before revealing the evaluation, Rupert gave his thoughts on the piece, commenting: “I think that goes with the territory, you’re not supposed to know much about these mysterious characters.

Antiques Roadshow Bambi artwork.
The Antiques Roadshow guest brought this piece of Bambi artwork to the experts. Credit: BBC

“It’s all shrouded in mystery and I think it’s all probably rather manufactured generating a bit of mystique about the mysterious artist.”

After examining the artwork further, he announced: “It’s certainly unique, I think it’s probably worth £2-3,000.”

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The woman and the young boy accompanying her responded by saying: “Wow, wow.”

Despite the shock valuation, she insisted: “Well we’re not selling it, I love it.”

Rupert then asked the pair whether they had contacted the artist, to which the guest replied: “I wrote to her on Valentine’s Day because it was Rodin’s The Kiss and she wrote back and said she did it for a friend of hers in 2013.”

At this, the expert commented: “That takes care of the authentication for me then.”

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