‘Antiques Roadshow’ Viewers ‘Gobsmacked’ By Value Of Winston Churchill’s Hat

Antiques Roadshow viewers were left 'gobsmacked' by the value of a Winston Churchill hat that was supposedly found in the dump!
Credit: BBC

Antiques Roadshow viewers were left ‘gobsmacked’ by the value of a Winston Churchill hat that was supposedly found in the dump!

David Rose, who claimed he found the former Prime Minister’s belonging at the site he works, brought along a number of the iconic figure’s items.

Most notably from the findings, the man had a hat, cigar and signed photograph.

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But Rose also pulled out 200 letters he was convinced were written by Churchhill’s cook, who was writing to her son.

In the letters, she would talk about the former Prime Minister on a daily basis. Sometimes, she would talk about the meals she prepared for him.

The items were examined by specialist Mark Smith, who had a lot to say about them.

Looking at the ‘box of stuff,’ the expert stated: “You’ve caused a problem really.

Winston Churchill hat.
Antiques Roadshow viewers couldn’t believe the value of a hat that supposedly belonged to Winston Churchill at some point. Credit: BBC

“If you had said to me you’ve been collecting this stuff for years, I would have sat there and thought it’s very likely it’s not real.

“I’ve seen all those letters from that woman, to her son, and it corroborates with all the things you’ve got here.”

Getting to the estimation, Smith continued: “I think that your box of stuff – from the dump – is worth £10,000.”

Rose and the other guests were shocked by the estimation.

The owner of the items said: “Oh my God, ten grand. That’s crazy.”

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He wasn’t the only one surprised by the outcome, as many took to Twitter and said they were gobsmacked too.

One person tweeted: “Well done to the guy from the dump. £10,000.”

Another added: “Booking a slot at the dump tomorrow.”

“Bet the guy who works at the dump has a hoard of amazing stuff at home,” a third commented.

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