Argos Defends Christmas Advert Starring Black Lesbian Couple And Their Kids

After a Twitter storm was launched following Argos revealing its Christmas 2020 TV advert starring a black lesbian couple and their kids, the British retailer has defended its decision. 

Recently, Argos has been applauded for the launch of its latest advert in which two women and their kids are shown enjoying the festive period.

However, as it’s gone against the typical straight and all-white family, there has been as much backlash as praise.

Horrifically, some even threatened to complain about the advert to Ofcom, stating that the retailers are no longer “interested in white folks” – completely disregarding the fact the summer advert in July featured an all-white family, and that there were hundreds before that too.

Whilst there were those that argued against the latest advert, some pointed out that they hadn’t had a problem when Argos had featured aliens in a previous ad.

Many were quick to call out the “racist comments” and in reference to the backlash, said it was “embarrassing” and “disgusting”.

Following the criticism, Argos stepped forward to defend its decision, stating: “We’re proud to represent a diverse and inclusive Britain in our advertising.

“Argos is for everyone.”

A spokesperson for Argos later told The Independent: “We proudly represent modern Britain and the people and communities that we serve.

“This ad is just one example of that.”

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