Asda Introduce ‘Major Change’ To Products Amid Surging Cost Of Living

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Asda has given customers a ‘one-week warning’ as it prepares to bring a major change to its stores as the cost of living crisis forces people and businesses to act.

Following Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Waitrose, the supermarket giant will be removing best before dates from some of its products from September 1.

According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), best before dates are about ‘quality not safety’ and supermarkets are now helping out by removing the dates from products which are fine to eat for days after their official best before date.

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The dates are put on products as a precaution and for people who take the date literally, the removal of it will help them keep their food for longer.

While not dangerous, eating products after their best before will likely mean the flavour and texture may not be as good.

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Peter Quigley, Deputy Director of Regulatory Services at FSA, told the Express: “We know many people are concerned about food affordability and food waste and we welcome initiatives by businesses to tackle these issues.

“A best-before date is about quality which means the food will be safe to eat after this date, even if it may not be at its best.

“Business should display use-by dates for food like meat products and ready-to-eat salads which could be unsafe if left for too long.

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“To help cut waste, we work with food manufacturers on product storage instructions, best-before and use-by dates.”

Asda has warned its customers it will be getting rid of best before dates on 250 of its products.

These products are fresh fruit and vegetables, including citrus fruits, potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower.

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