Austin Butler Shares ‘Advice’ Tom Hanks Gave Him On ‘Elvis’ Movie Set

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Austin Butler has shared the ‘advice’ Hollywood legend Tom Hanks gave him when on the set of Elvis

The 30-year-old recently sat down with It’s Gone Viral presenter Simon Harkness and opened up working alongside the 65-year-old.

He said: “He gave me advice on how to have longevity and mental health, in my life.

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“He saw how immersed I was in what we were doing and he said, ‘You know, one thing I try to do is, I try to read something that has nothing to do with the job that I’m currently doing. I’ll read a history book or some fiction. Even if it’s just ten minutes, I’ll just touch into inspiration elsewhere’.

“So that’s something I’ve tried to take with me now for future projects.”

Elsewhere in his chat with IGV, Butler was asked how long it took him to ‘master the ‘Elvis’ voice and rhumba legs’. He responded, saying: “We had a year and a half before we started shooting.

“Six months of that time was when the movie shut down for Covid. So, I had about a year where it started with me observing every bit of footage and interviews, read every book that was written on his life.

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Austin Butler in Elvis.
Austin Butler says he ‘spent a year and a half’ preparing for his role as Elvis. Credit: Alamy

“And then I had a period of time where I worked with the greatest coaches in the world. I had an amazing singing coach, dialect coach, movement coach, [and a karate instructor.

“It was like my days were just jammed packed with these incredible professionals and experts in their field.”

He continued: “Then we were getting ready to film and then the movie shuts down. Suddenly, I had six months where it was just me… in my room, by myself.

“That was the time where it really marinated, where it really started to feel like it was surface level and it started to go down into my marrow if you will.

“I didn’t do anything else for that year and a half before I started shooting.”

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