Baby Left To Die In Field By Parents As They ‘Didn’t Like Her’

A mother and father have been sentenced to jail after they let their two-month-old baby girl die in a field as they didn’t like her. 

Hezile Frison, 37, the infant’s father, has been sentenced to just two-and-a-half years in prison. He will then be ordered to complete five years of extended supervision when released. Meanwhile, the baby’s mother Monica Adams, 22, has been sent to nine months in jail, following four years probation.

Jalissa Adams-Frison was just two-months-old when she was left to die in a field, days before a photo had been captured of her peacefully sleeping in a pink outfit.

The infant’s death took place sometime in July 2019, in Kenosha, Washington.

According to a relative, who was Jalissa’s primary caregiver, the parents “didn’t have an emotional connection” with their daughter, Fox6 reported.

Before the two-month-old vanished, her father’s internet search included ‘What type of animals are found in Kenosha?’ and ‘What is the only way a parent can not go to jail if a baby dies?’.

A relative said they struggled to bond with their daughter.

It wasn’t until August of 2019 that the baby was reported missing. It is believed that Frison and Adams removed Jalissa from the unidentified relative’s home shortly before she went missing.

The relative told investigators that there was some type of mix-up and she was led to believe the baby would be being taken care of by someone else. Later on, she realised that the infant was missing.

Jalissa’s parents were then arrested and Frison told investigators whereabouts they had left the body.

However, police did not recover the infant’s remains. Yet they found sufficient evidence in the area that would be enough to charge the couple over their daughter’s death. It wasn’t enough to pursue the couple for much more serious charges, such as murder or manslaughter.

Following the baby being reported missing, a vigil was held at the spot where she was believed to have been abandoned.

Pastor Cornell Anderson led the worshippers and said: “We’re here today just to let the world know that we’re standing by this little girl, Jalissa.

“This is senseless and we need to stand up for our children.”

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