‘Bake Off’s’ First Vegan Contestant Forced To Delete Social Media Over ‘Cruel’ Hobby

Great British Bake Off's first vegan contestant has deleted social media after being trolled for her love of horse-riding.  
Credit: freyacox_/Instagram

Great British Bake Off’s first vegan contestant has deleted social media after being trolled for her love of horse-riding.  

Freya Cox had a Facebook page called ‘Freya Cox Eventing’ where she posted about her achievements in the sport but was told it was ‘cruel’ to animals. 

The 19-year-old announced she would be participating in the Channel 4 show with a post on Instagram which quickly attracted criticism from some vegans. 

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GBBO’s Freya Cox deleted her Facebook gage after the backlash. Credit: freyacox_/ Instagram

She said: “The secret is finally out! I can’t believe I’m actually writing a post announcing I am going to be on the Great British Bake Off 2021 baking all-vegan bakes.

“I am so passionate about ethics and feel completely blessed to have the opportunity to share this with the world. To say I am the first completely vegan baker on GBBO feels like such an honour.” 

Commenting on the post, one unimpressed follower wrote: “The problem people like myself are having is that, yes it’s great that someone is going onto a mainstream programme promoting vegan food.

“But please don’t say that you are passionate about ethics when you still ride horses.

“Saying that you’re passionate about ethics and then riding horses is completely contradicting and confusing.” 

A second added: “Yep, she’s not vegan. Just plant-based obviously.

“If you are still riding you shouldn’t be calling yourself vegan and you most definitely shouldn’t be going on TV calling yourself vegan.

‘It’s no wonder people get confused what veganism means when the ethos is constantly being watered down.”

A third even went on to suggest she was hurting her horse’s back by riding it.

However, other followers jumped to the psychology student’s defence. A Fellow plant-based user wrote: “Freya Cox being bullied because she is vegan and rides a horse sums up all that is wrong with the vegan community.

“No wonder people hate us, we don’t even look after our own. Embarrassed that the first vegan contestant being on bake off has been overshadowed by this.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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