What Does A Bald Eagle Actually Sound Like?

What does a bald eagle actually sound like?
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People are only just realising what a bald eagle actually sounds like.

The bird is often synonymous with being the patriotic bird of America and represents strength, courage and freedom.

The bald eagle is also recognisable for its fierce scream.

However, it turns out that this is not really what it sounds.

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When a bald eagle appears in films and TV shows, it is accompanied by a loud shriek that announces its presence to viewers.

It is instantly recognisable but it turns out that this is actually dubbed with another bird.

The TikTok account @CBSUnstoppable has shared a post revealing that the sound we know is actually a red-haired hawk.

In the video, which has been viewed one million times, she describes the bald eagle as a ‘fraud’.

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In the post, it says: “When we think of bald eagles, we think of strength and courage and determination.

“But in reality, the eagle’s call is less majestic and more crackly.”

The video then shares a squeal which is what a bald eagle actually sounds like.

It makes a similar noise to a seagull.

The reason behind this is due old Hollywood producers wanted to preserve the bird’s ‘symbolic value’.

In order to do this, they realised that they needed to change how the bird sounds.

@cbsunstoppable Think you can recognize the call of an eagle? You miiiight be wrong. They’ve been fooling us all. #baldeagle Thanks to @MinuteEarth for helping us out with this!@minuteearth #eagles #MissionUnstoppable ♬ original sound – CBSUnstoppable

People have taken the comments to react to this piece of news.

“A true US symbol then,” remarks one viewer.

Another person writes: “Petition to make the red-tailed hawk the new bird of MURICA.”

Someone else suggests: “We should just switch our animal with a red-tailed hawk, they sound better and their much cooler. (And they have a cooler name).”

A fourth viewer adds: “The fact that the whole thing is just a facade of power and might behind an underwhelming reality is the best allegory for the USA ever.”

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While another user says: “It sounds like that one person’s bottle when they squeeze it and a spray comes out.”

“The bald Eagle sounds like our seagulls in the UK,” comments a sixth person.

However, others were already aware that the bald eagle already sounded different to what we’ve heard on screen.

“One lives in a tree near my house so I already knew this because I thought it was sick at first,” explains someone else.

Another viewer mentions: “I see about 10 eagles daily and I always laugh when I hear them on TV shows.”

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