Barbie Lookalike Believes She’s ‘Too Hot To Work’ And Has Admitted To Spending £75,000 On Plastic Surgery

Barbie lookalike Barbara Luna Sipos has stated she believes she’s ‘too hot to work’ like everybody else has to but has admitted she needed the help of her ex-husband to fund the £75,000 worth of plastic surgery she’s had to look like a ‘living doll’. 

Barbara Luna Sipos, from Budapest, Hungary, has always wanted to emulate a living doll like Barbie and says that because she’s extremely attractive, she doesn’t think she should have to have a job like everyone else. Plus, she believes a “hot girl” like herself can’t.

Instagram: @baedollbarbie

The Barbie lookalike has explained that although she’s always turned heads with her appearance, she decided to have plastic surgery from a young age so that she could enhance her looks even further.

Instagram: @baedollbarbie

When she was just 17-years-old, Barbara decided to have a breast augmentation and now boasts 34F boobs – they used to be a 34B.

To achieve a more doll-like figure and have an hourglass silhouette, she has undergone 10 surgeries in order to look ‘perfect’.

The 22-year-old says that she is now her content with looks but says that without it, she would never have gotten to where she is in her career as a webcam model.

Previously, she has worked as a receptionist but claims that she had to quit because of her looks and charisma, as it made the men around her act “crazy”.

Instagram: @baedollbarbie

Nowadays, Barbara makes her money through being a webcam model and having the ‘influencer’ lifestyle. She documents her life with 12,700 Instagram followers who adore her enhanced features.

The blonde bombshell has admitted that she always wanted to look a human doll or a fantasy character. She said that playing with dolls when she was little made her want to undergo a “dollification”.

Despite not dressing provocatively when she worked as an assistant at a real estate agency, she said that even at 15-years-old, bosses and clients would try and behave sexually with her. She believes it’s down to her personality and aura. She claims these past experiences have given her social anxiety and she could no longer deal with most peoples’ idea of normal life.

Barbara believes that in the society she lives in, being an attractive woman makes it impossible to maintain a normal job and even if she tried, she would never be able to gain a high up position as men would want sex in exchange.

Instagram: @baedollbarbie

In 2016, she quit her job and then met her ex-husband. She was grateful to him as he was supportive of her ambitions to look like a doll and he funded many of the operations she desired. He paid for two breast augmentations that totalled to £10,810, two rhinoplasties for £9,009, a v-line chin and jaw reduction which was a further £9,009, a browlift for £3,604, a lip lift for £1,802, lip filler treatments for £4,505 and a Brazillian butt lift for £5,406. She’s even had Barbie vagina surgery for £4,054.

In total, these extensive surgeries totalled to £75,227.

Instagram: @baedollbarbie

Yet in November 2019, Barbara and her ex-husband decided to divorce. As a result, the living doll quickly realised she would have to find an alternative way to fund her luxury lifestyle.

Currently, she is modelling lingerie and has admitted she’s keen to meet a new man.

This time, Barbara wants to find her forever husband and she believes now that she’s had so much cosmetic surgery, it should be pretty easy for her to find a catch.

Instagram: @baedollbarbie

She believes that men who don’t find her attractive are close-minded and not confident in themselves. She hates that people assume she’s a “brainless bimbo” and likes to prove them otherwise.

Although happy with her looks, Barbara has confirmed there’s more surgery on the cards and that she would like to have a third rhinoplasty, rib removal surgery and butt injections. However, she’s insisted she’s going to do her research on the best plastic surgeon as she doesn’t want to end up with a “butcher doctor”.

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