Barbie Cinemagoers Left Stunned As Fight Breaks Out During Movie Screening

Barbie movie cinemagoers were left stunned as a fight broke out during the film's screening.
Credit: Warner Bros & @ferreiraxyz._/TikTok

All may appear perfect in Barbie land, however, all is not as it seems after a fight recently broke out at a screening of the Margot Robbie-led film.

Barbenheimer is now behind us, and among the two major movies, Oppenheimer seemed to be the one expected to generate more controversy.

One might assume that the story of the man responsible for creating the atomic bomb would be the likely cause for an uproar.

However, as the credits started to roll in a screening of Barbie, a violent incident during a screening of the blockbuster left viewers in shock.

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Footage of the brawl from a cinema in Brazil surfaced on TikTok, capturing the moment a fight broke out during the film’s credits.

The altercation is believed to have started with a verbal exchange, which then escalated when a woman took it a step further by physically pushing another woman after climbing the cinema stairs.

The confrontation continued to intensify as more aggressive hand-slapping ensued, reaching a point where a man intervened, attempting to separate the two involved in the dispute.

The brawl apparently began when one of the women allowed her child to watch YouTube during the movie at full volume, which greatly annoyed the other woman.

The original video, which attracted over a staggering 126,000 views, has since been deleted, however, it has gone viral across social media, with people reacting to the clip.

One person pens: “I mean if you don’t wanna watch the movie you paid for then take you and your kid somewhere else.”

Barbie movie
The fight broke out at a recent showing of the Barbie Movie. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Directed by Greta Gerwig, the film stars Robbie as the titular doll while Ryan Gosling plays Ken.

The movie also features an ensemble cast that includes America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell and Michael Cera.

Interestingly, the Barbie movie has turned out to be a phenomenal success, raking in a staggering $155 million during its opening weekend, surpassing all expectations by a significant margin.

The movie centres around Barbie and Ken as she sets off on a voyage of self-discovery after facing an existential crisis.

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This sees the pair leave behind the seemingly flawless Barbieworld and venture into the real world.

Since debuting in cinemas, it has broke numerous records, including the highest opening weekend for a female director.

The movie raked in an estimated $337 million (£293m) worldwide.

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