Bartender’s Paycheck After 70 Hours Of Work Goes Viral

A bartender's paycheck after 70 hours of work has gone viral. The TikToker is encouraging her followers to make sure they 'always tip'.
Credit: @f.aa.ded/TikTok

A bartender’s paycheck after 70 hours of work has gone viral. 

Aaliyah Cortez, from Texas, recently took to TikTok to share the slip and explained why punters ‘must tip’.

In the clip, she said: “So this is why you should always tip your bartenders and servers, anyone who waits on you or provides a service for you.”

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The bartender's paycheck.
The bartender’s paycheck after 70 hours of work has gone viral. Credit: @f.aa.ded/TikTok

The mum went on to reveal that after federal taxes, social security, and Medicare, she’d made just $9.28.

“For 70 hours of work,” she fumed. “Of course, I got tips, but this is what I got for my hourly. This is why you tip.”

In a chat with BuzzFeed, Cortez explained that she decided to ‘shed light’ on the service industry and how it pays its employees so that people will be more understanding.

She told the news outlet: “It’s not right that we have to do this, but I wanted to shed some light on the issue and inform the public about the importance of tipping.”

In an interview with Daily Mail, Cortez added: “I would like to see the system change who pays our wages.

“Obviously, it should be our employers, but until that can happen we still have to rely on the generosity of our customers.”

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The mum’s paycheck video has now received over 109,000 likes and thousands have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

One viewer said: “No ma’am, your bar/restaurant is getting free labour and that’s not okay.”

Another added: “This is why the US should be like EVERY other developed nation and not have tip culture. Businesses should pay your wages. Tips shouldn’t be a thing.”

“The problem is that restaurants have their customers pay their works so they don’t have to,” a third wrote. “The problem is restaurant culture, not people tipping.”

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