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‘Hilarious’ Moment ‘BBC Breakfast’s’ Carol Kirkwood Is Pulled To Ground By Guide Dog

Credit: BBC.
Credit: BBC.

The ‘hilarious’ moment BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood was pulled to the ground on live TV has gone viral. 

On September 20, the presenter headed out to Chelsea, London, to deliver the latest weather news, while also talking about the guide dogs surrounding her feet.

However, as the camera was meant to switch back to the studio, Kirkwood was pulled over by one of the labradors.

Watch the viral moment BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood fell to the floor in the clip below…

Dan Walker jokingly said: “We’ve got a Kirkwood down! Someone save Carol!”

Walker and fellow host Sarah Nugent then fell into a fit of laughter and fortunately, no damage was done to the 59-year-old.

“We are just checking if you’re okay… Are you okay?” they asked.

Laughing, Kirkwood replied: “Yes. She’s a very strong girl, Flash.

“She’s run back to her trainer, Mel, who is on the other side of the camera.”

While she sorted herself out, Nugent remarked: “Don’t you just love live television?”

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Carol Kirkwood ended up falling over on live TV when presenting on BBC Breakfast. However, she managed to come out unharmed. Credit: BBC

After the scene aired, many people took to Twitter and said it was absolutely ‘hysterical’ to watch.

One person tweeted: “I did laugh, as a labrador owner I’ve been there.”

Another added: “So glad you were okay but it was hysterical. Have a feeling you won’t forget this one.”

“I saw you [Kirkwood] and the lovely labrador this morning. I hope that you are okay but it was hilarious,” a third said.

Pitching in, a fourth commented: “This is giving me strong Bridget Jones reporting scene vibes this morning. #bbcbreakfast.”

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