Beachgoers Left Terrified By Chainsaw-Wielding Men Covered In Blood

Beachgoers in Toronto were left terrified by two chainsaw-wielding men covered in blood as they stormed across the beach revving their weapons. 

A disturbing video has emerged on Facebook in which beachgoers were left terrorised by two men revving chainsaws as they approached people on Cherry Beach in Toronto.

According to police, two men were involved in a fight before they then returned to the scene armed with chainsaws at 10 am on Sunday.

Credit: Facebook

In a video which was shared to Facebook, the two shirtless men were at one end of the beach whilst they yelled at a group – one of them can be heard saying “you’re f***ed”.

As the two continued to yell, the chainsaws could be heard ticking as they revved their blades and began to approach the group.

Credit: Facebook

One of the men pulled on the cord of his chainsaw as he yelled: “Who hit me, who the f*** hit me?”

As the two men walked towards the camera, it was clear that they were both covered in blood and tattoos.

Credit: Facebook

The men then headed towards the nearby Toronto Windsurfing Club, where a group of people were having a lesson.

Another video then showed the two men as they were arrested by police, with the chainsaws left discarded on the ground.

Officers were forced to point their tasers at the men as they told them to lie down on their stomachs.

Before lying flat on the ground, the two men placed their hands to their heads. One of the men called out: “Look at our f***ing heads”.

Credit: Facebook

The chainsaw maniacs were both handcuffed and one of the officers was shown asking the crowd of people what exactly happened.

Witnesses informed the police that there had been some kind of altercation around twenty minutes earlier before the men came marching back with chainsaws.

One of the joggers nearby claimed that she had seen the two men when she was running along Cherry Street.

As she was terrified, she said she hid in the nearby woods. Yet she then noticed the men were heading towards her, menacingly.

She fled the scene and reported the incident to 911.

Another witness added that it was like “something out of a f***ing movie”.

Credit: Facebook

Constable David Hopkinson told CTV: “Two individuals became involved in some kind of a fight or altercation.

“They actually left that scene, and then returned sometime later with the chainsaw.”

It was then added by Constable Caroline de Kloet that the two men had been involved in a fight with a large group of other people and had “suffered injuries”.

Police confirmed that the weapons had been “seized” yet the identities of the two men were not immediately released, or the charges they would be facing.

Credit: Facebook

Mayor John Tory said that the authorities would be increasingly monitoring the events on Cherry Beach, as there has been an increase of gatherings despite the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “We will redouble our efforts to monitor those.

“We want to, on one hand, make sure that people are kept safe and that these kinds of scary incidents don’t happen but on the other hand, that people are allowed to live their lives and to enjoy themselves without an oppressive, enforcement presence.

“Clearly an incident like this would cause us to want to keep a careful eye on both these gatherings themselves because the gatherings, beyond certain numbers and at certain times, are regulated at this moment in time and also ones that scare or otherwise disturb people, we want to keep an eye on as well.”

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