Bella Thorne Claims She ‘Got In Trouble’ With Disney Over Beach Outfit

Bella Thorne Disney: The actress has claimed that she 'got in trouble' with Disney over an outfit she wore to the beach.
Credit: @bellathorne/Instagram & Alamy

Bella Thorne has claimed that she ‘got in trouble’ with Disney over an outfit she wore to the beach. 

The actress recently appeared on the Going Mental podcast and opened up about moving from Miami to Los Angeles as a teenager when she landed a role on Shake It Up.

Thorne said after making the change, she came to the ‘really crazy’ realisation that the city had a different swimsuit etiquette.

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She recalled: “It was really weird for us when we came to LA because you know, we used to change on the beach in Miami for photoshoots. I wore a bikini like every day for my whole life.

“And then when we came here, we saw that just wasn’t the case and then I remember I got in trouble when I was in Disney because I wore a bikini on the beach and that was just really crazy for us, like we’re literally from Miami.

“Like, ‘what do you mean? It’s a bikini. Like I’m not naked.’ So yeah it’s definitely a culture change.”

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Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne has claimed that she ‘got in trouble’ with Disney over an outfit she wore to the beach. Credit: @bellathorne/Instagram

This isn’t the first time that Thorne has brought up the incident and how it allegedly almost cost her the acting job.

In 2018, the now 24-year-old discussed the time with Under The Influence, claiming: “I almost got fired. Someone took a photo of me in a bathing suit. Yeah, it was a sexy bathing suit. It’s black, it’s got a little bit of, like, fun little lace underneath. My mom picked it out. It was cute.”

She went on to allege that Disney executives said: “‘You’re lucky that Bella has such a fan base that we can’t afford to fire her at this moment in time, but if she does one more other thing, we will’.”

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